Gu-Yeon Wei
Gordon McKay Professor of EE

33 Oxford St. MD 333, Cambridge, MA 02138
guyeon (at) eecs (dot) harvard (dot) edu

Administrative Assistant: Carol Harlow

Graduate Students

Ankur Agrawal
High-speed link receivers, CDR, multiphase clock generation
MD 311
  Krishna K. Rangan
Thread Motion in multi-core systems
MD 307
  Michael Karpelson
Power electronics for microrobots
60 Oxford
  Michael J. Lyons
Hardware specialization for RoboBees
MD 307
  Wonyoung Kim
On-chip power supply regulators
MD 311
  Vijay J. Reddi
Software-assisted hardware reliability
MD 307
  Kevin Brownell
Power and variability modeling
MD 307
  Jian Han
Variation-tolerant embedded memories
MD 311
  Akash Raman
High-speed link circuits and systems
MD 311
  Sophia Y. Shao
RoboBees brain architecture and VLSI
MD 307
  Judson Porter
RoboBees brain architecture and VLSI
MD 307
  Sae Kyu Lee
Flexible voltage stacking
MD 311


Minjae Kim, class of 2011
Madhura Narawane, class of 2012
Svilen Kanev, class of 2012