Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral research opportunities


We currently have several openings for the RoboBees project.

Graduate research

We are looking for several exceptional PhD candidates in the fields of VLSI design and computer architecture.  Do the following qualities describe you?

  • Like to work in highly inter-discplinary research
  • Want to tackle tough, open-ended problems that combine biology, computer science, and electrical engineering
  • Have experience taping out analog, mixed-signal, or digital ICs and/or strong programming skills with in-depth knowledge of architectural simulators

If so, you are highly encouraged to apply to our PhD program and indicate on your application your interest in VLSI design and/or computer architecture. 

Undergraduate research

Hey Harvard undergrads! Do you want to get involved in our RoboBees project?  Are you a computer science, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering concentrator?  Contact us to see how you can get involved.  We have regular open meetings that you can attend to hear more about our activities and on-going research opportunities.

Also, please check out our REU program.